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Hi and welcome to My name is Christina Maas and I enjoy creating ecologically focused children’s stories, educational tools, mascots and artwork for the purpose of bringing awareness to pertinent marine conservation issues. I welcome you to explore this space to learn more about my books, learning tools, mascots and more and where and how they are already being used by institutes and marine education outreach initiatives around the world.


‘‘Parrotfish and the Storm’’


Parrotfish is startled by a strong current sweeping through the reef, when suddenly Eagle Ray appears overhead to warn Parrotfish and his neighbors that a storm is coming and to take cover. Once the storm finally passes, Parrotfish is surprised at how much their reef has changed. It's up to him and his neighbors to restore their coral reef to its former state, and to help a neighboring reef that is struggling to recover. The involvement of an unlikely helper causes an initial stir, but to everyone's surprise ends up being a hero in the effort to save the neighboring reef in trouble. An ecological story about coral reef resilience and recovery, underlining the importance of herbivores and apex predators in maintaining a coral reef ecosystem's delicate balance and ability to recover after a large-scale disturbance.

Christina has an enticing way of bringing the reader under the sea surface and onto the coral reef, even if they have never been there before. Her illustrations are both beautiful and accurate of what a first time ocean explorer could see on a Caribbean reef. I can’t wait to use ‘’Parrotfish and the Storm’’ as a teaching tool in my classroom and in my home.
— Katie Correia, Science & Education Manager, Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)

‘‘A Parrotfish’s Tale’’ by Christina Maas

Parrotfish is swimming his normal daily route around the reef when all of a sudden he runs into Giant Clam -BUMP! ... After a morning of surprises, Parrotfish takes a rest under a coral shelf. What happens next, might surprise you. A story written to inspire ecological thought in young and adult readers alike. Includes questions for educational discussion at the end of the book.

I absolutely loved ‘A Parrotfish’s Tale’ by Christina Maas! It’s a beautiful story, wonderfully illustrated by the author herself. As an underwater/wildlife photographer I witness the delicacy of nature’s balance! ‘A Parrotfish’s Tale’ teaches us that every organism, great or small, has it’s purpose in the big circle of life and so does each of us! Reading this book for and with children can [...]teach them that we can all be the change that we want to see.
— Ellen Cuylaerts, Professional Wildlife Photographer
‘A Parrotfish’s Tale’ - a brilliant book with a magical marine tale about reef life.
— Charlotte Orba, WiseOceans
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Custom editions for your institute, school or camp.

I am happy to work with you to adapt the educational component from one of my books to address your particular institute’s or curriculum’s focus. I will add your logo to the cover of the book as a special touch. Left: Visiting students to the Little Cayman Research Center holding their copies of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s edition of ‘‘A Parrotfish’s Tale.’’


Logos, Mascots and more

Meet Shark Conservation Cayman’s ( mascot, ‘‘Ruben the Reef Shark!’’

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